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Introduction to Dubai

Dubai is one of the beautiful places to spend your time and work or for finding jobs. Nowadays, it’s been common for all globe people finding jobs in Dubai because of the quality facilities, salaries the companies offer for their employees.  Here, Oil plays a vital role that turned Dubai into one among the wealthiest countries in the world. Being rich and having the lot of sources various employments in Dubai are available and even job seeker could get jobs over there by giving walking interviews.

Boom times indicate that fifty of service is within the construction business throughout this expat haven, wherever up to eightieth of the population is alleged to be migrants.

The surrounding of the country consists of beautiful design and monuments that are impressive. Tempted by these and also the magnificent places of different cities in Dubai and beaches more and a lot of tourists area find Dubai the best place to spend their vacation.

Climate in Dubai

The climate in Dubai is characterized by a tropical desert climate together with warm sunny circumstances shaped by its nearness towards the Tropic of Cancer and therefore the Northern desert strap.

Summers are highly regarded, wet and dry along with the temperatures ascension to 40 °C and better and barely dropping beneath 30 °C.

Winters area unit still heat but temperatures go down significantly to more of 23 °C and lowers of about 14 °C.

Though the weather in an urban center is typically fine, downfall has gradually been rising over a previous couple of decades, getting annual rainfall of equal to 150mm in current years.

However, like most geographic region climates, Dubai’s downfall is unbalanced and transient.

Language used in Dubai

Languages used Dubai has never been a problem. In addition, a majority of schools in Dubai educate their students with English together with Arabic. The key means of teaching is typically English but passing the hurdle of language in Dubai you can find some schools teaching foreign languages that are French and Russian to students. Manpower agency in Nepal that you choose for your service will help you will the language that you need to learn while working in Dubai.

Employment and Common Types of Jobs in Dubai:

If you are looking for any type of employment facility in Dubai then, you can find out lots of jobs there. Some common types of jobs in Dubai include:

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Design, Creative and Arts
  • Teaching and Academics
  • Medical, Health Care and Nursing
  • Logistics and Transportations
  • Construction and Building
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Cleaning services
  • Research and Development
  • Farming and Agriculture
  • Security
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales Representative and customer service agents
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Restaurant Supervisor

Is Dubai a good place to work and for Employment?

With a number of the most effective business and job opportunities, there is no surprise urban center in Dubai attracts job hunters from all corners of the planet. If you are looking to work in an exceedingly multi-ethnic place that’s deliberately placed on the world map, look no any other than Dubai.

Truly, this place not solely offers first comfort and luxury, but exempt regular also a handsome salary and facility to attain your dreams. The good-quality life offered by the emirate comes with the bonus of being nontaxable. The place rewards you with its row of restaurants, reliable supermarkets, and type of amusement.

From the most important brands to the gold and excitement souks this country makes your both life and career comfortable. For more information, you can always get in touch with manpower agency of Nepal. There are lots of recruitment agencies in Nepal who are ready to solve all your queries.


How can LM Manpower Solution help to get Employment in Dubai?

You can find lots of Recruitment Agency in Nepal that comes to your help, among them, LM Manpower Solutions counts on the most reliable Manpower recruitment agency in Nepal to accomplish your aim. We are a team of professional HR consultants providing top of the line managerial search and assortment services to an assorted company of all sizes in Dubai along with diverse business well-being.

We do not only focus on your employment but also recommend the place that makes your career better and helps you get the better life.


For any queries regarding the job or any other business plan in Dubai, you can always get in touch with us in your desired time. We will be pleased to help you and move further with all your necessities.

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