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Govt. Authorized License Number 762/064/065

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Basundhara Chowk Kathmandu, Nepal
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Frequently Asked Questions!

Get your manpower and related queries answered by experts from Landmark Manpower Solution here.

Is the agency licensed?
We are licensed under license no. 762/064/065.
From where does Landmark Manpower Solution operate?
Landmark operates from Nepal.
How can we get in contact?
You can email us at: or or contact us at +9779813562012 /+9779818462560
How long have you been in business?
LANDMARK is a leading recruitment agency in Nepal established in 2001.
Where do you find your candidates or how do they find you?
Candidates find us through various social media, posts published in various newspapers and even word of mouth plays a role here.
Where is the Landmark Manpower Solution located?
We are located on Basundhara Chowk, Basundhara 03, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Which documents must I be ready with when reporting to an interview?
The first interview will most likely not require any official documents. Have an up-to-date resume, academic qualifications, experience certificates, proof of citizenship, etc.
How many CVs do you look through on average per role advertised?
We look after each and every CVs we receive to find the best candidate.
How often will you be in touch with us during the recruitment process?
We will get in touch with you on every step required to ease out the hiring process on both ends.
How often do you decide if the candidate will be appropriate fo the job?
We will scan their CVs, have a phone call, and have an interview as well.