Nepal at Glance

Nepal at Glance

The land of Himalayan, Nepal is landlocked by China from north and India from east. You can also find this in the map of Nepal.  The capital city of Nepal is Kathmandu. Well, Nepal is rich of the highest mountain peaks in the earth. An extensive range of cultural diversity and biodiversity is set inside the small borders of the country. High sky scale snow checked White Mountains to Terai plains, Nepal have different environment and topography inside the small distance of land.

The country also possesses one of the world’s top picturesque attractiveness. Selected as one of the most excellent tourist destination by the BBC News, Nepal offers up close and individual come across with the Himalayas to tourist’s exploration. The happy faces of Nepalese people bring back life in souls of the travelers escorted by the best picturesque sight in the earth. This is the finest reward anybody can acquire after hours of tiresome treks in the highest peaks of Nepal.

Nepal also comes up with various actions to the travelling guests and that includes trek, mountain climb, Mountain assortment of Nepal rafting, Educational tours, paragliding and much more memorial activities. The Nepalese peoples are very much friendly with the guests and worship them as god.

The inhabitants of Nepal consists of Sherpas in the northern area of the country, Brahmins, Newars, Gurungs, Rais, Magars and Limbus in the Himalayan range and Chaudharys, Tharus and other castes in the Terai region of the country. Other racial groups are also extensively broadened in the different parts of the country. Every caste consists of the own culture and custom. So far they exist in ideal synchronization within this small part of the land.

The Nepalese people are famous for their courage in the Second World War from which they are popular as severe fighters with no fear and a lot of courage and power piled up in them. They are also recognized for their loving deeds and loyalty to the one who they work with.



Nepal is a country of assortment from tropical forest to 8 highest peaks. The highest peaks on the world widen in 147,181 square kilometers. It is a land of remarkable edges, is the residence of the world’s top peaks with about thirty six cultural groups, welcoming people, brilliant art and construction. Their exceptional floral and faunal bequests deliver warm welcome for anyone looking for awesome vacation in Nepal. Also, talking about the bio diversity because of its unique geographical location and altitudinal difference its height, the country assorts from 60m at sea level to the maximum peak on globe. The overall population Of Nepal is around 25 million people.



Religion culture:

There are lots of religion accepted in Nepal and among them Hinduism and Buddhism are two major religions of Nepal. In addition, Hinduism enclose maximum status and secondly the Buddhist then partially the other religions. Nepalese people are usually religious. Everyone has trust on good performance and is the traditional dress of people entrenched in their religious reliance. Nepalese people give respect to elders and guests. They take Guests as Gods. Most of the festivals celebrated here are devoted to Gods and Goddesses.

mountain region of nepal

Himalayan and Mountain region:

Nepal is rich of lots of highest peaks and the Himalayan area of Nepal encloses the height between 3,000m and 8848 m. It addresses 8 of the 14 highest mountains on globe. The mountain area consists of 64% of the total land of country. This region is shaped by the Mahabarat assortment elevated up to 4877m. To the South situates the Churia range which height differs from 610m to 1524 m.

climate of nepal


Nepal has four major seasons, namely,
winter: December- February.
Spring: March- May.
Summer: June – August and
Autumn: September to November.
Nepal can be visited whole year around.