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Govt. Authorized License Number 762/064/065

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During the year 995 to 2010 in Nepal, the majority of manpower agencies in Nepal were registered. These enlisting agencies hired millions of Nepalese employees to Saudi Arabia. The employees were recruited for various jobs looking on their skills by manpower agency in Nepal for Saudi Arabia companies. Most of the Nepalese employees were hired for the labor.

With lots of manpower recruitment agency in Nepal, most of the people are confused about picking up reliable manpower agency. Well, not to worry LM manpower is here to help. We are a government registered manpower recruitment agency in Nepal working in the area for frequent years. From experts HR consultants here at LM, we come up with the reliable service and advice that makes your working life comfortable in Saudi Arabia.

Working Procedure of Manpower Agency in Nepal for Saudi Arabia

  • We, first of all, receive a set of legal documents and vacancy necessities from the company of Saudi Arabia.
    After that, we forward those documents for authorization to Labor Department, Government of Nepal.
  • Then, getting pre-approval from the government, we bring out a commercial for employment based on the company necessity.
  • As a manpower company in Nepal, we pre-select the applicants and send their details to the applicable company of Saudi Arabia.
  • Then, the company delegate carries out final interview of pre-selected applicants and offers final selection criteria
  • Afterward, medical checkup and additional official procedure are carried out and original passports along with other pertinent documents are collected by us for visa processing.
  • Then, those documents are forwarded to the applicable company and official procedures are finished as well.
  • After receiving the visa from the concerned agency and confirmed agreement from the company of Saudi Arabia, insurance, course and other additional formalities are finished by the manpower agency in Nepal (LM Manpower).
  • The procedures of the applicants are intended by the manpower recruitment company in Nepal and schedule is made for them.
  • Other interrelated details along with the program are forwarded to the agency so that planning for entrance can be made accordingly.
  • After the arrival of applicants, the company of Saudi Arabia welcomes them from the airport and takes them to their residents. All the details are updated to LM manpower company.

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Most of the employee working in Saudi Arabia is happy with their job. Saudi Arabia comes up with great placement opportunity getting paid with good salary along with the bonus. You can work on certain hour duty. Also, the survey shows the people working here as a labor till now does not have to deal with any type of problems.

The key areas of expertise are Manufacturing, Construction, Hospitality, transport, IT and Service industries, Receptionist, Construction and much more. In the capability Hierarchy, we can employ in levels that range from low/entry level skills that include unskilled labor to highly skilled proficient.

We are totally prepared manpower recruitment Company; with competent and knowledgeable about a skilled team, we are ready to handle all features of workforce recruitment, viewing, and certification. We are able to promise that we are able to give candidates consistent with the desire of our prominent service among given amount of your time.

For more details please feel free to connect with us at your desired time. We will be happy to facilitate you with our services for your reverence company and develop long-standing business relationships with our clients, which we are certain will be the best for our reciprocal advantage. Just ring us or visit our office to share your requirement. We look ahead to serve you.

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