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Introduction to Oman

Oman counts on the country in Southwest Asia situated in the coast of the sea, Gulf of Oman, and also the Persian Gulf. Next-door countries include Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. Employment in Oman is trending because of companies offering a lot of vacancies for filling their demands so the companies of the famous city like Muscat opening regular jobs in Oman for the organizational growth.

Oman includes a deliberate spot on the Arabian Peninsula neighboring to the channel of Hormuz, an important transportation purpose for fossil fuel.

The structure of Oman is mountainous and arid. The govt. a system could be a monarchy; the leader of state and head of a presidency is that the ruler and Prime Minister. Oman is also a member of the association of Arab States (Arab League) and also the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Climate in Oman

All over Oman, the climate is humid desert nearly all over, with several summer drops of rain in each the north and south mountain areas. Also, the clouds brought by the summer monsoon on the coast.

The heavy rain, starting from period to period of time, gets wet currents processing to the Asian continent and carries restricted effects on rain, however, it’s yet able to manipulate the weather of the Oman.

Language used in Oman

Arabic is the official language used in Oman. Arabic languages are used in Muscat and Oman, like Baluchi and JIbbali. English is wide conventional because the country’s secondary language, thus expats won’t have an excessive amount of hassle human action after they turn up.

Even as it’s always motivated to learn the inhabitant language, expats who move to Oman for their job will find out that most company in the country is carried out in English.

Employment and Common Types of Jobs in Oman

If you are searching for suitable jobs in Oman, discover the various types of jobs mentioned here:

  • Care Taker
  • Barista – Starbucks
  • Receptionist
  • Medical Delegate
  • Senior Accountant/Accounts Supervisor
  • Feasibility Study Expert
  • Investment Expert
  • Business Development Manager
  • HSE Manager
  • Senior Planning Manager
  • Senior Planning Engineer
  • Contracts Engineer
  • Administration Assistant
  • Chief Accountant
  • Civil Engineer
  • MEP Head of Department
  • Policies and Regulation Expert
  • Legal Secretary
  • Landscape Architect
  • Bridge Engineer
  • Medical Representative
  • Senior Engineer Manager
  • Sales Executive
  • Corporate Commercial Lawyer
  • Senior Mechanic
  • Senior site Manager

Is Oman a good place to work and for Employment Opportunities?

The pay in Muscat and Oman is sometimes similar or more compared to those salaried in western countries.

The operating week in Muscat and Oman is likely to differ between 40 and 48 hours, reckoning on company policy. Working time sometimes starts from 8.30 or 9.00 am to 5.30 or 6.00 pm. There aren’t any variations in timekeeping among summer and winter.

Within the time period of Ramadan, the operating day is typically decreased to 6 hours. Supposedly, the condensed hours ought to apply to all or any workers.

However several firms solely allow the reduced hours to their Muslim workers with their foreign employees to figure commonplace hours.

Friday is that the Muslim holiday which is similar to Saturday and Sunday in other countries.

If your company facilitates with five days working per week, your different day without work can most likely be a weekday.   For more details about the job in Oman, you can always consult with recruitment agencies of Nepal.

How can LM HR Consultant help to get Employment in Oman?

Landmark Manpower Solutions is one of the reputed recruitment Agency in Nepal. So far, this manpower agency has been offering trained, expert, skilled and unskilled workers based on the requirement of the Gulf countries including Oman.

Our main aim is to carry out the finest by facilitating the clients with timely services to the overseas company. The HR consultants available in this recruiting organization are requested to be friendly and meet the terms of the current system and policy of the overseas.


To get more about the services we offer, please feel free to contact our HR consultant team anytime your desire. We will be happy to work on your venture and offer you the job you are looking for. Just ring us or come to visit us at your desired time. We will also help with offering the proper suggestion that takes your career up.


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