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Best recruitment agencies in Nepal

We can notice an increasing trend of Nepalese youth (18-40 years of age) going for work abroad. Aptly called the “Brain Drain” phenomenon, this trend has shown both its sides, good and bad. Many recruitment agencies in Nepal have sprung up just because of this trend. There are a host of such Best recruitment agencies in Nepal. As such, companies often have some problems sorting out genuine ones from the fake ones. Before understanding the workings of such agencies, we should understand what they do.

We can understand manpower agencies as connecting links. What such agencies do is connect employers with employees. That is to say, agencies in Nepal put Nepalese manpower looking for work in touch with companies in gulf that need manpower. Basically, Manpower Nepal put Nepalese manpower out in international platform. The easiest way for them to do it is advertisement in local newspaper. They publish such advertisement after receiving demands from foreign companies.

It does not matter if you are an employer looking for manpower or manpower looking for an employer. You should be extremely cautious during selection process for a manpower agency in Nepal. Landmark Manpower Solutions is the best among manpower agencies from Nepal. We serve Nepalese market as industry leader manpower agency in Nepal. We are connected with more than 50 companies in Gulf region. We also maintain database of manpower so that we can connect them easily and conveniently.

Landmark Manpower solution has best counselors among lots of manpower agencies in Nepal. Our experts give some tips on how to select best manpower agency in Nepal.

  • As both employer and manpower, be clear about your exact needs. This way you will focus on recruitment agencies in Nepal that suit your needs only. It makes section easier.
  • As a company, let Best Recruitment agencies in Nepal know the kind of manpower you need. Make your requirements on number and skill set clear.
  • As a candidate, you should be clear on kind of company you want to work on. If you are clear on your career goal, you will not go to agencies that does not work with relevant companies.
  • Check online about all information your manpower agency in Nepal gives you. If you can verify all the information, you will know that manpower agency is genuine.
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