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Here are some interesting things about Dubai and its culture that you may not be aware before.

  1. You’ll most likely only meet one ‘local’ person

Emiratis are likely keep to themselves, far from the major tourist drag, thus it is very unlikely you will to encounter them. In fact, the majority of tourists are likely to meet just one Emirati on their trips when they get their passport embossed at the airport.

  1. It is not as tall as you think

You may think that the comically big Dubai Fountains are the tallest in the earth, but they are not. That tribute belongs to Fountain of  King Fahd located in Saudi Arabia. Dubai can’t even maintain to the tallest inhabited skyscraper of the world. In addition, its Princess Tower (413m, in Dubai Marina) was exceeding in 2014 by New York’s 432 Park Avenue (426m).

  1. Epic police cars

With lots of supercars on the roads of Dubai, its law enforcers can’t just pootle all over in Fords such as the British constabulary. To carry on with the crimes, they refer to Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys certainly. Furthermore, Dubai police enclose their own crew of bagpipers who act upon the state events. If you ask properly, they my play you Scotland the Brave.

  1. It owes a lot to Abu Dhabi

Burj Khalifa, the huge skyscraper of the globe, looms just on top of the rooftops of Dubai. However, it may not be finished devoid of the economic aid of Abu Dhabi, Dubai’s nearest emirate.

  1. It should have had a Steven Gerrard Tower

For all the architectural follies made in Dubai, there are innumerable other peculiar designs that haven’t made it precedent the drawing embark.

  1. The locals are wealthy, but occasionally forgetful

If you have any uncertainty that residents of Dubai are fortune, take a glance at its lost-and-found history. In 2015, a customer missed AED146, 000 in hard cash in a Dubai Airport toilet booth (it was given her back) and in the initial four months of 2016 an enormous AED42, 171 cash was missed in the lost property of airport.

  1. There are far more men than women

The residents of Dubai are an actively bunch, as well. 58% of the inhabitants are aged 25 to 44, with maximum people of 30-3 years. Obviously, the rough-and-tumble expat way of life is best suitable to young people who are only 15 % of the inhabitants are aged 45 or more.

  1. Its Crown Prince is an action man

The Dubai ruler’s son, Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum is the good-looking, media welcoming poster boy who belongs to royal family. He is broadly appreciated by both expat as well as national group of people. In addition, his hobbies are skydiving, falconry, fishing and headlong.

  1. It was made on pearl diving

Earlier than seeing the sights, Dubai made its capital with oil. But earlier than oil fishing, farming and treasure diving were the main trades of Dubai.

  1. You can purchase pretty much anything from a vending machine

Starting from Gold to Go ATM in Dubai Mall lets you purchase anything from a 2.5 gram, 24 karat gold coin to a small amount gold bar. There is also a computer within the vending machine that amends the costs all 10 minutes in order with concurrent fluctuations in the marketplace.

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