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Corona virus impact on Nepal's manpower (HR)

The Coronavirus (also addressed as COVID-19) outbreak has undoubtedly taken the world by storm in a matter of few months. With the declaration made by the World Health Organisation on March 11, 2020 regarding Covid-19 reaching the level of a global pandemic, countries all over the world have been compelled to take urgent and aggressive actions to stop the spread of the virus.


With more than 1.2 million confirmed cases and over 65k deaths worldwide, major effects of the virus has been witnessed in countries including China, USA, Italy, Germany, Spain etc. Till today the virus spread has affected more than one hundred countries across the globe.


The Coronavirus had evolved as a severe global threat due to its ability to spread among individuals really fast and due to the unavailability of specific vaccinations or medications dedicated to its cure. At a time when developed countries like china and italy have encountered thousands of deaths and are facing tremendous difficulties in fighting against the viru the condition in a backward and still developing country like Nepal would be unimaginable if a severe outbreak were to be faced here.


The preventive measure considered most effective and useful that has been adopted worldwide in minimizing the further spread of the virus is the practice of social distancing and isolation. Social distancing simples is the practice of staying home, avoiding crowds and refraining from touching one another. Because the spread of the virus is accelerated from physical contact between the infected and the healthy and because most infected ones may not show symptoms but be active carriers for the pathogen this prevention measure is accepted as the most significant one presently.


In efforts for practicing social distancing, countries all over the world and the Government of Nepal itself has decided to shut down schools, offices, restaurants and all such institutes which require interaction among a number of individuals until further notice. Travelling short and long distances has also been banned. All international and domestic flights have been stopped to not entertain foreigners from other nations. Everyone is expected to stay at home as much as possible. As offices and various organizations remain close working from home is enforced.


Such a sudden and uncertain change in the lifestyle of people definitely has major impact in the overall economy of the country. A major percentage of the country’s’ economy depends on the working human manpower in the various sectors of the nation. Since the prevention of the widespread of this virus depends on the practice of social distancing which includes minimum physical human interaction the majority of manpower excluding health professionals are compelled to stay home. The human resources of the nation as a result is destined to face a number of problems.


A large percentage of the human workforce of the nation fly abroad for work as Nepal lacked sufficient job opportunities for majority of the population. Most Nepalese that seek to work in the field abroad especially in gulf countries belong to financially backward families. With this globally emerging threat workers are being sent home. People dependent on everyday working and earning to live are having a hard time due to this pandemic.


A certain portion of the economy of the country is generated from the remittance earned by foreign employment. As working class Nepalese are being sent home and not being allowed to work the remittance collected via foreign employment will see significant decline.


Another major drawback of this global pandemic can be seen on multinational companies that outsource parts of their projects to nations like Nepal. Work requiring frequent and effective interaction between people will not be able to complete due to which companies lack behind in their work.

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