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reasons why manpower agencies turn into companies

Manpower agencies in Nepal are established for the sake of Nepali workers who want to go to the foreign countries for employment and for the clients who want to hire Nepali Workers. Manpower Recruitment agency in Nepal has a Solid image of building the economy of the country via Remittance. So, the image of manpower agency should be clear and works should be transparent. Agencies should not be materialistic but should have the mission and vision of serving the Candidates and the foreign clients.

There are many reasons why manpower agencies turn into companies are:

1. Poor Management of the agency

This has been identified as the major reason of employee turnover. The poor management means the agency cannot run in its full capacity. Due to reduction in efficiency, employees cannot get satisfied from their work and thus they quit. So, avoid the poor management of the agency so that agency could reach the goal.

2. Not keeping good relationship with both clients and candidates

To run manpower agency smoothly and properly, to have good relationship with the foreign clients and candidates. If the agency shows the rude behavior to the clients, they will not get the chance to of bringing latest demands. Meanwhile if the candidates do to get the chance of going to work at the latest demands they will not go again to that agency. So, for the agency, it is very much important to keep good relation.

3. Agencies work did not meet their expectation

When there is variation in between job description and what the employee has to actually do, employee loses the trust in company and so he / she quits job. So agency should be able to meet the staffs’ requirement as the staffs have great role in making the dreams of agency.

4. Less priority to the staffs

When there is no system of motivating staffs through awards, recognition and other benefits. When employee fill like they are not being appreciated for the contribution that they are making, they quit job.

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