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Essential things that Nepali Candidates should know

In present context of our Country, Manpower recruitment agency in Nepal has great role. Nowadays, many agencies are established for monetary purpose rather than giving service. So considering this fact WE, Best Manpower agency in Nepal [Landmark Manpower] is giving essential things that Nepali candidates should know while going to foreign employment;

  • It is essential to have any skills and knowledge to go to foreign country for job opportunities.
  • Expenditure to go to work and the income from that work should be compared. If beneficial then you can go for works.
  • It is necessary to consult with your family members about that particular work and should be mentally prepared.
  • Labour Permit from Department of Foreign Employment is Necessary.
  • While working in abroad, candidates may meet with accidents and can lost hand, leg or other parts. So to do Insurance is must.
  • While going for foreign employment, always choose the trust worthy and government authorized manpower agency.
  • Should go through the National Airport, if your manpower agency has chosen the ticket from international airport form other countries, there may be chance of looted or thuged, sold out. So, Be careful.
  • It is essential to know about the country’s geographical, situation. Cultural and social views, and Laws you are going. If necessary, do online research.
  • Make sure all the documents as labor permit, passport, and other necessary documents safe with you.
  • If you are looted by the Manpower agency, immediately report to the Department of Foreign Employment.
  • The advertisement of demands published in the Social media may be false so you should make the habit of thorough check.
  • Never go to the countries that Government of Nepal has restricted.

Things to be considered for the candidates who are working in Foreign Countries

  • Should have the contact address of Nepalese Embassy, Non-residence Nepalese Association of the countries that you are working. Need to contact them when you fall in problems
  • If you do not enjoy you work, then do online research and be in touch with your family.
  • Do not change the workplace/company that you are hired for. Some country may have rule to punish for that work.
  • If the sponsorship agreement Expired, Candidates should return to Nepal for re-insurance.
  • While sitting in Room, Ac should be turned on. And should learn about using other appliances.
  • Unnecessary expenses should be controlled and money should be sent via banking institution not from other means.
  • Should follow the rules and regulations of the company and should not be engaged in other illegal activities and should do fighting.
  • Should care of your own health and should not do more overtime if you get the chance.
  • Must Follow the traffic rules of that country.

If you follow above mentioned points you can be safe and can return to Nepal happily with good health and wealth.

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