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Govt. Authorized License Number 762/064/065

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Landmark Manpower Solutions is the top  Manpower recruiting agency in Nepal. Our team represents of prominent and proficiency personalities in Nepal and also in the worldwide area, so not just that we are fair in the company, we are also generally accountable enough for the growth of our country’s economical condition offering employment opportunity to the people to different overseas countries.

Also, at Landmark, we believe these are the qualities that have made us the best manpower agency in Nepal:

  • Landmark manpower solution follows the precise recruitment and selection criteria, and never goes below the quality of the service they offer.
  • We preserve the quality of our services and make additional efforts to send applicants who are famous for their hard work, sincerity, high intellect of liability and obedience.
  • We know the requirements of the client both specific and undetermined, so we actually value the time of our clients and dedicated to turn out the results on time.
  • We are very motivated team of advisor and recruiters, capable in different areas that include communication, public relation, and foreign dealings.
  • We preserve an exclusive and official data bank. We are proud to say that our data bank is wide-ranging and updated. This indicates that we can bring you precise applicant when you require them. This has gone a long way to become top manpower company in Nepal.
  • We offer complete guarantees in the manpower we employ for you. In our years, we learnt that to get clear with all parties is the ideal way to go. So, Landmark deals with everything out in open for both the recruits and the employers to see.

Lastly, As the  best recruitment agency in Nepal , we do not stay just doing our job for the sake of money rather we work for the welfare of our candidates to take their career path up. If you willing to get more about the manpower recruitment service we offer, please feel free to connect with us anytime you desire. We will be happy to serve you.

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