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Expats moving for the vacation with their families during the holiday season experienced the pain of the upgraded dependent charge when they attempted to pay the exit-reentry visa charge for their dear ones.

The one who desired to pay the exit-reentry visa fee for their dear ones were provoked by the online payment system to initially clear the dependent charge for the other months of the validity of their residence permits. Also, the charge of the dependent fee is directly connected with both renewal of iqama and the issuance of the exit-reentry visa, anything that arises first.

The exit-reentry procedure can be completed over single specific dependent by compensating the fee till the date of the validity of iqama. Yet, for the renewal of iqama, it is compulsory to settle down the money for all dependents, based on the human resources proficient of a leading business company.

In addition, the General Directorate of Passports of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) stated that the issuance of re-entry visas for emigrants and the renew of residence documents will not be done until the charges imposed on dependents of foreign employees are paid earlier. Government companies along with banks have either restructured or are explaining their procedural stands for receiving these charges.

Replying to most of the queries acquired on its Twitter account, the Passports Department stated that fees imposed on the head of the personal “must be paid earlier issuance of re-entry visa or renew of residence documents.” The new charge for dependents of foreign employees in Saudi Arabia has been in force from July 1, which was declared by the Ministry of Finance previous year in a phase to harmonize in the budget.

In December 2016, the Saudi Council of Ministers approved a sequence of choices intended to rise state returns to balance the influence of the decrease in oil fees. Based on the decision, the fees initiated at SR100 ($27) for every dependent every month and it will boost to SR200 later from July 2018, and SR300 and SR400 in 2019 and 2020 one-to-one.

According to government estimations, fees for expatriate’s dependents will produce some SR1 billion by the termination of the current year, while charges on dependents and taxes on foreign employees of private area corporations will attain SR24bn, SR44bn and SR65bn in 2018, 2019 and 2020, one-to-one. The charges can be paid yearly when a residence document is directed for renewal or the emigrant worker search for a re-entry visa.

Based on the local media, dependents have different categories that includes, A wife (or wives), sons, daughters, parents, wife’s father or mother, house workers, and drivers who are listed below the name of a sponsor, specifically emigrants working in marketable corporations.
The Saudi government intends to attain a stable budget thru 2020. In a conference with reporters previous December, Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan declared the charges do not put on to national employees working by Saudi citizens.

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