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Recent years have seen an alarming growth of manpower recruitment agencies in Nepal. If it were for domestic job market recruitment, this would set a lot of alarm bells. However, owing to Nepal’s dependence in remittance, this growth is quite welcome. Now comes the hard part for you. In such a big market with countless manpower agencies in Nepal, how to know if your agency is a good one?

For a very long time now Landmark Manpower Solutions has been recruiting all levels of manpower; skilled, unskilled and highly skilled manpower. We have slowly established our self as best among manpower recruiting agencies in Nepal. Our recruitment process is highly focused in countries like Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. From recruitment specialists here, we have for you a list of three major qualities of Manpower recruitment Agencies in Nepal.

  1. They have specific industry Expertise

This depends really on your needs. But basically, unless your recruitment needs are very general, make sure the manpower recruitment agency in Nepal you choose understands the industry you want to work on. If they don’t have a solid insight into the, then they will struggle to identify the most suitable candidates.

  1. They are Registered and Experienced

All manpower recruitment agencies in Nepal should be registered with Nepal Government’s Ministry of Labor. They should also be able to demonstrate an understanding of current employment law and ethical standards in global job market. This can only be found in experienced manpower recruitment agency in Nepal like Landmark Manpower Solutions.

  1. They Offer Guarantee (This is Vital)

If the manpower recruitment agency in Nepal is unwilling to guarantee their results, then beware. Such unwillingness among manpower recruitment agencies in Nepal should ring alarm bells. This implies that they are not confident in their ability to find you the right job in global market.

In the crowd of manpower agencies in Nepal, make a wise choice of Landmark Manpower Solutions as your manpower recruitment agency. You will not regret your decision.

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