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Recruitment agency in Nepal

As a foreign employer it can be a dangerous minefield when you have to make the important decision, “I need to recruit people from different countries for my country”.

Landmark Manpower Solutions is the industry leader among manpower supply agencies from Nepal. Working the Nepali market for a long time, Landmark recruits Nepalese manpower for more than 50 companies. Landmark works closely with companies of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (esp. Dubai).

Professionals from Landmark Manpower Solutions have given their take on this based on Time-Cost Analysis and we sincerely hope you find our advice useful.

  • Time

In this competitive world, time is liquid gold. So as a company in Gulf reason looking to recruit manpower from Nepal, you should decide on a basic question. Do you have the time, energy and resources to attract the very best available in Nepal? Think carefully about this. Many companies believe that they can do as good a job as a professional recruiter. What most seem to forget is that a recruitment agency in Nepal recruits and attracts talent 12 hours a day, 6 days a week for all year round.

  • Cost

What many companies believe is a myth that they will save money by conducting the recruitment process themselves. This sadly is not true, neither in domestic market nor in foreign market, as in Nepal.

Recruitment takes a lot of time: staff time (writing job a specification and an advert, choosing how to advertise the job vacancy in Nepal, speaking with the advertising mediums to agree the cost for advertising, searching for CVs on job boards, or looking through social media websites, sifting through all CV applications (which can be in there hundreds, if not thousands in some cases), arranging interviews, taking references, managing job offers, ensuring an employee turns up to work on day 1 and all that in a foreign country meaning there are separate costs for your staff’s stay in Nepal). The cost you pay to a recruitment agency in Nepal is inclusive of all these costs.


After all, it is what a recruitment agency like Landmark does. We make the process easier and convenient for all parties. Call us today or contact us to hire our affordable manpower supply services from Nepal to Gulf Countries.

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