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On March 15, 1977, Nepal and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came up with their political relations. Instantly, Nepal unlocked its Embassy in Saudi Arabia after a year that is in 1978. Then, the formation of political relations, Nepal and Saudi Arabia have been relishing most out of the relations with one another.

Bilateral relations have sustained to be reinforced with respect to the five values of diplomatic co-existence, bond and collaboration. Both the countries have acknowledged assurances and devotion to the philosophies of the United Nations Charter and worked mutually in the United Nations and other international media for the mutual benefits of the mortality.

Nepal has made an appeal to the Saudi government to establish its Embassy in Nepal at the initial with an opinion to increase the mutual relations to increase collaboration in employment, venture, and other expansion heads and to simplify the movement of Nepalese workers keen to take up an engagement in Saudi Arabia. The formation of the Embassy will also significantly benefit the suitable organization of Hajj pilgrimage by Nepalese Muslims.

Additionally, Nepal had acquired loan support from the Saudi Fund for Growth for numerous hydroelectric projects that includes Marsyngndi Project. Likewise, there was an extensive involvement from Saudi Fund for Expansion in the creation of East-West Highway of Nepal. Now there is Saudi collaboration in Bagmati I & II Irrigation Project.

Economic collaboration amongst the two states started in 1978 when Nepal initiated its Embassy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The economic assistance prolonged by the Saudi Management has been mainly focused to upliftment of Muslim community, agricultural development and emergency aid. A suitable outlook of economic assistance occurs between the two states. Employment, Business and advancement of tourism are still to be discovered and recruited.

Saudi Arabia is a country that consists of vast oil and mineral possessions and Nepal can discover probable avenues for assistance in this part. The trade amongst Nepal and Saudi Arabia has continued in kindness of Saudi Arabia. Nepal distributed items of about NRs. 6.6 million. The main export items covered handbags, carpet, CD cassette, and woolen scarfs. At the same time, Nepal trade in items of about NRs 411 million. Key imported items include plastics, mineral fuels and oils, Aluminum, floor cover textile and copper.

Also, Tourism can be one of the probable parts in the expansion of Nepal-Saudi Arabia relations. Nepal can become suitable holiday destination for the Saudi local people who travel abroad throughout the summer. There is a necessity for growing through flights to Nepal keeping in sight the growing traffic. Likewise, Nepal has marvelous choice for eco-tourism.

Saudi Arabia is continuously importing agricultural useable food items from the numerous states to satisfy the request of the marketplace. Manufacture and transfer of the organic cultivated foodstuffs can be one of the probable parts in the expansion of Nepal-Saudi Arabia bonding. The productive land and appropriate weather/temperature of the organic items in Nepal is likely to become one of the striking parts of shared endeavor for the Saudi Stakeholders.

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