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There are lots of people searching for long-term visit visa in UAE. You can find lots of Manpower Company in Nepal to make out your dream into reality. Landmark Manpower Solutions has added great number of experience serving Long term visit visa in UAE for chosen countries. Our manpower recruitment makes makes these procedures simple for our customers so that they can enroll without any trouble. The long term Visit Visa is for the travelers who desire to spend over 30 days in UAE, those approaching for family visit together with those on enduring visits. It needs the funding of any UAE resident.

Now, take a glance at the necessities for Long Term Visit Visa in UAE

  • Authority of permit: 60 days that includes the issuance day
  • Total Period of stay: 90 Days counting the entrance and the departure days
  • Number of entry: Just single entry is allowed
  • Extendable: No

Compulsory necessities:

  1. Passport Copy

Color copy of your Passport Bio page and Last page with the information of Full name, Nationality, Date and birth place, Passport number, Date of Issue & Expiry, Name of Father/Legal Guardian, Name of Mother, much more

  • Your Passport should be valid for a least period of 6 months at the time of travel
  • Just standard passports will be accepted to apply for Visa
  1. Photograph
  • Size 4.3 * 5.5 cm
  • Just color photograph with white background is accepted
  • 80% of your face should be noticeable
  1. Etihad Airways Confirmed Ticket
  • Complete ticket travelling into Abu Dhabi and onwards from Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways
  • Just round trip ticket will be accepted
  1. Visa Fees

Please visit our office to get more information about Visa Fees

  1. Application Form
  • Concluded/Signed application form is compulsory to procedure your visa
  • You can fill up the visa form “Online”
  1. UAE Resident Host
  • Host Valid UAE Resident Visa copy
  • Host Valid Emirates ID copy
  • Host Local Contact Number
  • Host Email Address
  1. Following “Additional documents” may help you to accelerate the visa processing time:
  • Frequent traveler
  • If you have travelled to UAE in the past one year entry/exit stamp pages of your Passport
  • Invite from your direct family members
  • Invitation Letter
  • Passport copy
  • Valid Residence visa copy of the inviters
  1. Travel record

Please upload copy of your visa or travel verification, if you have travelled at least one time in the past 5 years or holding a valid visa for countries such as USA, UK, European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Canada.

  1. Children visiting to UAE with parents:

Child with own passport and visiting with parents:

  • Please upload following documents
  • Complete the application form
  • Photograph
  • Passport copy
  • Birth Certificate must be in English or Arabic. Please note down translated documents should be attest and attestation must be on the similar page

Child details authorized in parent’s passport:

The applicant should upload the copy of the passport where the child information are shown

  • Photograph
  • Passport copy of parents
  • Birth Certificate must be in English or Arabic. Please note translated documents must be attested and attestation should be on the same page

Note: Every applicant encloses to file a separate application. If your child information is shown in your (Parents) passport please make use of “Accompanied applicant” choice to enter your child information.

  1. Check out the Main Instructions:

Dependents of the Applicants:

  • Dependents are mostly the Spouse/ Children under 21 years of age / Parents above 60 years of age.
  • Supporting Documents with the relation status has to be shown by guest

For Married women:

  • Photo ID of parents/ husband. Copy of the host passport / residence visa
  • Etihad Airways has the rights about sponsorship
  • Etihad Airways will not fund unaccompanied minor and students
  • Please note the immigration department will think about applications from minors or students only if they are visiting with parents
  • Just machine readable Passports will be allowed. Hand written Passport may be rejected.
  1. Document upload:
  • Only JPEG format will allow and document size must not be above 1 MB
  • E-Visa sponsored by Etihad Airways will not be extended
  1. Documents Required From Host
  • Invitation Letter suitably signed
  • Valid Passport Copies Of applicable Pages
  • Valid Residence Visa Copy

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