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manpower supply agencies in Nepal

Great many theorized that manpower supply agencies would go out of business in both domestic and international market. The base of their prediction was evolution of concept of good Human Resource Management. They think that companies would prefer internal hiring as well direct involvement in all stages of manpower recruitment. But owing to the sheer amount of resources to be invested for good hiring, companies still use manpower supply agencies.

With rise of labor migration to Gulf since 1990’s, number of manpower supply agencies in Nepal also has soared. Rather than being a private affair, labor migration to Gulf is usually done these days through manpower agency. This is for convenience of parties; companies and the labors. Landmark Manpower Solutions is one of the oldest and most respected manpower supply agencies in Nepal. Since its inception more than a decade ago, Landmark has been responsible for great quantity and quality of manpower supply abroad.

There are a score of benefits of using a good recruitment agency from Nepal like Landmark Manpower Solutions. But, think what happens when companies use below the standard. The impacts on company’s overall progress are overwhelming.

Major impacts of not using best manpower supply agency from Nepal

  • Under performing manpower impacts performance of other workers and overall performance of company by multiplier effect.
  • Use of sub-standard manpower results in greater investment on manpower development rather than company development.
  • Use of below standard manpower impacts client satisfaction. This happens through an increase in errors, poor decision making and less effective client service.
  • Overall morale of the company will be affected because high-performers can and will resend the tolerance showed by the company towards under performers.
  • In many companies, salary costs are higher, typically 60-70%. As such, paying salary to labor with lesser productivity is counterproductive.

Such impacts  are easily avoided if companies use Landmark Manpower Solutions. Landmark is the real hallmark in the field of manpower supply agencies in Nepal. With link to companies from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and U.A.E among many, Landmark is both experienced and qualified. Contact us today and hire professional services of best manpower supply agency in Nepal.

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