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Qatar is the second biggest destination for Nepali workers after Saudi Arabia.As, Qatar government has formally announced the end of controversial “kafala” system. The system was about that employees are beholden to the employers who sponsor their visa and need to ask permission to change jobs or leave country.

Qatar has faced the criticism for mistreating the foreign workers who were building stadium for 2022 Fifa World Cup. New decision may or may not bring reformation to workers and address the criticism. Still Qatar is biggest destination for Nepali workers.

Unsurprisingly, Nepali officials are making efforts to study the new legislation and make comments. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Labour and Employment said” he heard the news from news report that new laws would make easier for workers to obtain an exit visa and Apply for work elsewhere”.

That is Great opportunity for Nepali workers to get chance to work in Qatar. In Nepal industrialization is in slow pace due to which jobs are less likely to find/get. Foreign employment has vital role in socio-economic condition of the country. Similarly, Manpower Agency in Nepal has great role in bringing the demand of employment demand in Nepal. Thus big credit goes to Manpower Agency in Nepal for this. Remittance from the Nepali workers has most topmost role in Economy of Nepal. Remittance covers 1/3 of annual budget of country Nepal. But this is higher.

Many Young workers have lost their live working on foreign country. Also, Many of them have lost their body parts and being exploited. Nepal Government deserves blames for it. Government should take necessary step to stop such inhuman activities in foreign countries.

Landmark Manpower Solution frequently receive the workers demand from the clients of Qatar. So, remember us for any kinds of recruitment works because we provide best services for you.

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