Evolves To Meet The Client’s Needs

Landmark Manpower Solutions Pvt. Ltd. evolves to meet the client’s needs.

Kathmandu (19 Dec 2014) Landmark Manpower Solutions Pvt. Ltd. today announces the launch of its new website with URL https://www.lmmanpower.com/

Managing Director of Landmark Manpower Solutions Pvt. Ltd. explains: “We are well familiar with the fact that each company differs from the other in terms of working nature. Also, they need the customized solution to utilize the potential of employees in full capacity”.

At Landmark Manpower Solutions, we offer clients with flexible and multi dimensional services. As an organization, we constantly evolve ourselves to cope up with the changing, innovative and ever- increasing demands of our clients. Our robust team is expert in developing the strategy that is viable and which makes sure that we offer only the best workforce to our clients. We are fully aware of the challenges since we are absolutely ready to serve our clients with the best solutions for their companies.”

Since, We can not neglect the contribution of Nepal Manpower Agency in sustaining the economic growth of the country. Because of Huge chunk of money is brought in Nepal in the form of remittance every year.

Landmark Manpower Solutions is designed to respond to the current financial crisis of Nepal and deploy the innovative workforce solutions.

The employers are finding it difficult to identify the perfect candidate for the specific job. This is where work of manpower recruiting agency comes into action.

The MD of Landmark Manpower Solutions adds further: “We are taking whole new approach in being the recruiting agency that will benefit not only to us but for whole manpower industry including the clients and candidates. We have thorough knowledge of the labor demand of market. We interview more than 10000 people each year and work with more than hundred companies of all sizes globally. So, we have adequate information of human potential. Due to which, we are able to provide creative workforce solutions that will aid the company to meet its goals.”

Landmark Manpower Solutions offer services including recruitment and assessment, training and development, career counseling and outsourcing.

19 Dec 2014