Do You Enjoy Your Work? Here are Some Tips To Enjoy Your Works!!

It is something everyone feels but rarely says out loud, “I HATE MY WORK!!!” If we were to be a little less blunt, we’d say “MOST PEOPLE DON’T LOVE THEIR JOBS!!”

It is a highly researched and studied topic, people’s feelings towards their work. In fact, recent studies have shown that only 1 out of every 5 people love their jobs. On the same note, 1 out of 5 people ACTIVELY DISLIKE their jobs. Remaining are pretty much neutral and circumstantial on the answer if ever asked, “Do you like your work?” Now you can enjoy your work.

Lots of how-to-enjoy-your-work-more articles focus on finding a different career. They urge you to find one that ignites and/or fulfills your passions.  But what if you’re in a job that – for whatever reason – you can’t or don’t want to change?  Maybe you’ve spent years building a skill or expertise, and in order to change jobs, you’d have to start at a much lower level in another field.  Perhaps your current job provides something that you do like – a short commute, good benefits – that you’re not willing to give up.  Or it could be that, in this strange economy, you simply think the smartest move is to stay put.

In this competitive age, we spend most of our life on our jobs. In fact, time spent working (relating to one’s profession and for money), directly or indirectly ranks high up on things we spend most time doing in our life. It comes second only to sleeping.  So it is unfortunate that we don’t really like something we spend so much time doing.

As such, it is simply an individual choice to whether complain throughout your life about the job or learn to enjoy ones job, works and the overall work environment.

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