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If we have to analyze current financial situation of Nepal, remittance is inevitable for stability of our economy. Given such importance of foreign currency inflow, the contribution of recruiting agencies in Nepal for the financial stability is undeniable.

This time is the best time in Nepal as far as number of manpower in current population composition goes. In Nepal, people over the age of 16 and less than 60 make up the bulk of current population. Employment opportunities in Nepal may not be lucrative for every one of them and that is where recruiting agency in Nepal come in. Recruiting agencies in Nepal are doing great job of creating job platform all over the world for these able candidates.There is a plethora of recruiting agencies in Nepal but leading the line, Landmark Manpower Solutions has established itself as the best recruitment agency in Nepal.

What makes us better than the rest is that we have years of experience and our process is completely transparent. There are no hidden fees, unnecessary charges, trend of keeping your documents in hold with us and other such practices common in many recruitment agencies in Nepal. We also are the government registered gulf consultants who have been offering effective counseling to candidates as well as employees for numerous years now.

For a long time now, as a leading recruitment agency in Nepal, Landmark Manpower Solutions has been recruiting all levels of manpower; skilled, unskilled and highly skilled manpower. Our recruitment process is highly focused in countries like Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other countries with labor permit provided by the government of Nepal. Our specialized staff is always present at your service and will support the candidates from start to finish.

We pre-scan the candidates and suggest only the best candidates to companies. All in all we try to match the needs of the company with your repertoire of skill. This gives us the confidence that you will fit in seamlessly in the company and also that the candidates that we provide have potential to take the company to the new level of success and prosperity.

We make the candidates we have recruited ready for the final interview which is required they can get working visa for the company. Rest assured that there are no hidden fees in Landmark Manpower Solutions. Countless years of dedicated service and professional counseling have made us the most trusted recruitment agency in Nepal.

In the clutter of recruiting agencies, make a wise choice of Landmark Manpower Solutions as your recruitment agency. You will not regret your decision.
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