What Manpower Recruitment Agency in Nepal actually Does During Recruitment Process?

Landmark is the Manpower Recruitment Agency in Nepal established under government authorization. With its establishment, Landmark is helping lots of foreign clients and Nepali workers to find jobs in abroad.   While selecting a right person for a job there are long recruitment process as bringing demands, selecting right candidates is a matter of challenge.

In recruitment process, Recruitment Agency has great role as contacting with the employer, finding the right person and other legal procedures.  Some roles that agencies do are:

Bringing the Demands

Manpower agencies have up-to-date contact with the foreign clients if there is any post vacant in their reputed company. If there is vacancy then, employer will send the demands to the Manpower Recruitment Agency in Nepal.

Sourcing the Candidates

We source the candidates through professional team – on field and off field operations. We also publish the advertisements in leading Newspapers like Kantipur, The Himalayan Times and on other social Medias. And maximum numbers of candidates get information via advertisements which have a wide circulation in the areas.

Conduct Pre-screen, sort out and Shortlist Applicants

We pre-screen, sort out and shortlist applicants in accordance with pre-qualifying criteria lay down by client’s organization. So that, any incapable person gets eliminated in the initial stages. Through many years of advertising and head hunting, we have built a rich data bank of highly qualified candidates in order to meet clients’ requirements. Similarly, we conduct random, informal checks to verify the short listed candidates at our end to ensure that no wrong candidates are handed to our clients.

Conduct Interviews/ Trade Test

 We arrange and conduct Trade Tests/Interviews for certain categories as in presence of our client’s representative at a suitable place. We make all administrative arrangements concerning the interviews and carry out such other functions which are necessary in selection activities.

Follow up

 Understanding the importance of follow up, we keep in constant touch with the candidates until he/she is deployed to our client’s company. Our follow up includes, assisting selected personnel in obtaining passport, extend passport validity, visas, immigration clearance, arranging medical examination, airline reservations, Authentication of Documents from Nepali Govt./ Ministries, other formalities as required for deployment of the selected personnel.

Gives Orientation

 Before Deploying candidates to the actual site of work, we conduct Orientation to the selected personnel about the customs, traditions and laws of the respective countries. We inform our principals about candidates’ date of arrival, flight number and any inconvenience for our clients and candidates. Further, we interface with the selected personnel and their families in Nepal on the event of any emergencies.

So, it is always essential to have all these recruitment process before you go to work in abroad. Thus, always remember manpower worldwide for foreign employment for reliable recruitment process.