What actually is a Manpower Agency?

With growing movement of working in overseas companies for career improvement, manpower recruitment agencies are increasing day by day. These manpower companies provide the job based on the skills, knowledge and capabilities of applicants.  Landmark Manpower Solutions counts one of them and is registered manpower agency in Nepal. We offer levels of manpower from Nepal and send them overseas countries for productive career opportunities.

Our experienced and skilled consultants are always ready to help you throughout the complete recruitment process to deployment. However, before we reach there, our experts have equipped a small piece on what really is a manpower which makes you aware of the agency and find the right one to accomplish your dream.


Mostly there are different key production factors for any company. Those production factors are all about a profitable term to explain the inputs that are utilized in the manufacture of goods or services in the effort to make economic revenue. The production factors are land, employment, resources and entrepreneurship. Most of the time, labor and entrepreneurship or on the whole, manpower is measured to be the most significant. Labor is distinguished in three categories and they are skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower.

The key work of manpower agency is to recruit the different categories of manpower for job platform relevant to the needs of different companies. As Government of Nepal has accepted for labor visa application in various countries, the tendency of people looking for well-paid job opportunities is growing day by day. But with no experience and explore ability, it is very hard for many people to discover the ideal platform for their career improvement.

There are many applicants willing to work in abroad and make their life and career comfortable. This is where manpower companies come to help. So, when the overseas companies require manpower, they contact manpower agency in Nepal to employ manpower from Nepal and the process begins from there. On the whole, a manpower company in Nepal is like a bridge or platform for you to discover worldwide career opportunities.

Landmark Manpower Solutions is the best manpower agency in Nepal. Countless years of dedicated service and professional counseling have made us the most trusted among many manpower agencies in Nepal.

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