Tips To Spot Bad Manpower Agency

In this unstable economic and political condition of our Country Nepal, lots of youths are unemployed.  During these tough times of an economic downturn, when unemployment numbers skyrocket, job seekers need all the support and guidance they can get. Unfortunately, it is a fertile period for bad manpower agencies to do their unethical tricks. However, there are some indicators of bad recruiting which we are going to explain to you so that you can spot bad manpower agency.

1. Unnecessary Fees

If your recruitment agency in Nepal attempts to charge you a fee for their recruiting services warning bells should sound immediately. The company pays fees to agency that hires you. You should never sign a contract in which you agree to pay the recruitment agency for something your new employer.

2. Consultant is not Well Informed

If the consultant do not have much more knowledge about the recruitment company and recruitment process. Then why are they a recruitment consultant? Well we all know that recruitment works are really a tough job with full of competition. If the consultants, you go for recruitment in abroad do not seem to be knowledgeable understand that they might loot you. Also, understand if they are not doing their best, you are not getting the best opportunity to find employment. Thus always go to well-known and famous manpower agency.

3. May provide more temptation

There are many agency in Nepal which have corroded the image of Manpower agencies From Nepal. As they have charged more money for visa and recruitment process. Agencies told that youths would get attractive jobs and handsome salary in the gulf countries if they give more money than usual. They provide more temptation to innocent youths and are sent to gulf countries. Youths do not get proper jobs and expected salary according to the manpower agency. Due to which they are compelled to return to homelands. So, aware of those agencies who give more temptation.

4. Gives Pressure to you

There are many agencies which give more pressure to the job-seekers. Their duty is to find a job that meets your requirements and aspirations. They should not need to force you to go to that job which you do not like/prefer. Thus choose that manpower agency which helps to find the jobs as per your skill and requirement.

All the manpower agency are not bad only some are ruining the name and fame of agency. So always try to choose best recruitment agency in Nepal for all kinds of works.