Remittance in Nepal from foreign works

Remittance in Nepal from foreign works have become a major source of external development finance to Nepal. It has actually provided a convenient angle from which to approach the complex agenda of migration and brain drain in Nepal.

Landmark  Manpower  Solutions is a premier manpower supply agency from Nepal. In last decade, we have sent hundreds of thousands of Nepalese manpower for foreign employment and hence remittance. We are industry leaders among the manpower supply agencies from Nepal when it comes to recruiting manpower for companies in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Nepalese people and the community as a whole are these days dependent on remittance for almost every aspect of life. Remittance from workers who go for employment through manpower supply agencies in Nepal is balancing the overall balance of payment position of our country.

As such, Nepalese development community needs to consider how to best manage remittance flows. Also another question that begs our attention is how the body of research on remittances can be strengthened. Both for the purpose of understanding the impact of remittances and for forming more effective policy for managing remittances.

Officially recorded remittances received by developing countries like Nepal exceeds $110 billion in 2015. The actual size of remittances, including both officially recorded and unrecorded transfers through informal channels, is even larger. Remittances are now more than double the size of net official flows (under $45 billion). Secondly only to foreign direct investment (around $170 billion) as a source of external finance for developing countries like Nepal.

As a manpower supply agency from Nepal, Landmark Manpower Solutions works closely with the foreign companies that require any level of manpower. By our dedicated service and rigorous selection process, we have become the most trusted among manpower supply agencies from Nepal. So remember us for any kind of employment works.