Landmark As Your Ladder For Foreign Employment

Landmark Manpower Solutions serve Nepalese market as industry leader and Manpower agencies in Nepal as ladder for foreign Employment. We are connected with more than 50 companies in Gulf region. We also maintain database of manpower so that we can connect them easily and conveniently.

As the picture describes more than thousand of words that “You want to reach the top, will be your ladder”. Yes, do we believe in it and show it. Our Landmark Manpower Solution is leading and one of the best Manpower agencies in Nepal.

If you want to fulfill your dreams by working in foreign Countries then we will help you to reach to your dreams. Nowadays, gulf countries like U.A.E, Qatar and Malaysia are Luring Nepali youngsters because of high potential of getting jobs and earning money in short period of time.

We, best Manpower agencies in Nepal acts as mediator for Nepali Youngster and Foreign Clients to reach their destination. We help our clients by providing skilled qualified workers and Workers by selecting suitable works as per their skills, capacity.

We specialize in sourcing the best executive, marketing and sales experts for our valued clients. Unlike other manpower agencies, our experts have thorough industries that we serve and all necessary skills essential for success.

What we do is we give preference to the people who want to dedicate himself/herself in work as workers in foreign. We assist Nepali workers by providing them with adequate knowledge for working as we provide training for required jobs, orientation of work to be done.

We value to our clients and workers as we are always ready for your needs to be done. Thus, give us chance to be as your ladder for foreign employment.  Landmark Manpower solution has best counselors among employment agencies in Kathmandu. So, always try to find best of best agency for recruitment works and getting foreign jobs.