Some Little Known Facts about Manpower Agency from Nepal

From an employer’s perspective, there is little to lose and a lot to gain when working with recruitment agencies. First, the time savings on hiring is huge. You might have already known that. There are some things, though, that many employers do not realize about recruitment agencies, especially when it comes to foreign ones.  If you’re considering hiring Nepalese manpower in other countries, grabbing hold of a good manpower agency from Nepal is the most.

Landmark Manpower Solutions is a very old, established and most experienced agencies from Kathmandu, Nepal. Working as recruiters for companies abroad, we have recruited manpower from Nepal in many jobs in many fields all over the world.  While many employers already know a lot about manpower agencies, we present to you some less known facts.

  • Names can be Different, Functions are same

The names can be confusing. Whether you call them recruitment agencies, headhunters, recruiters, employment agencies or staffing firms, the terms are virtually synonymous. All these businesses fulfill the same basic function: They find job candidates for your company for a fee.

  • Not Entirely Focused in Full-time Staffing

Many people think of agencies of Nepal as full-time placement services. But that’s not always the case. As ever more companies recognize the benefits of flexible staffing, manpower agencies from Nepal are increasingly placing interim and project-based professionals too.

  • Constant Search of Growth Opportunities

Because manpower agency from Nepal’s reputations is partly defined by the quality of their candidates, many agencies offer resources that help make companies more attracted to them. After all, everyone is looking for a larger market and growth. A manpower agency from Nepal is not an exception.

  • Cast Huge Nets

Why work with an agency rather than go it alone? Many have wondered and tried. Landmark has massive networks and connections with businesses and candidates alike. With their huge networks, they cast huge nets in candidate pool and find the best candidates to fulfill your hiring needs.