Why Is Landmark the Best Manpower Agency in Nepal?

Landmark Manpower Solutions is the leading manpower agency in Nepal. Landmark was established under the  license umber 762/064/065 in 2001. Since establishment, Landmark has provided reliable recruitment services to over 100 companies in Gulf region. As the best manpower agency in Nepal, Landmark has recruited all categories of manpower. So, if a foreign company needs skilled or unskilled manpower, Landmark is the agency to choose.

People constantly ask us, “What do you do that others don’t?” We do not really have an answer for that.

But at Landmark, we believe these are the qualities that have made us the best manpower agency in Nepal:

  • Landmark has a very motivated team of consultants and recruiters. Our team is proficient in variety of areas such as communication, public relation, foreign affairs. It is through their knowledge and resources that Landmark has climbed to the top.
  • We maintain an unique and official data bank. We are proud to announce that the data bank is comprehensive and up to date. This means that we can bring you exact candidate when you need them. This has gone a long way to being best manpower agency in Nepal.
  • We provide full guarantees in the manpower we recruit for you. In our years, we learnt that being transparent with all parties is the best way to go. So, Landmark puts everything out in open for both the recruits and the employers to see. Such transparency is very rare in business. So, our clients trust us to d what is best for their hiring needs.
  • Landmark conducts sessions for every selected candidate prior to his/her departure. We aim to reduce the cultural shock and homesickness because these types of shocks can be a negative influence on an individual performance. Also, we train them with basics of host country’s culture and appropriate codes of conduct.

Being the best manpower agency in Nepal is not easy. It is all about making a pool of good candidates. All we do is we pass them along to right companies. Our job is pretty much a judgement call and having knowledge as well as experience helps a lot.