How Do Manpower Agencies in Nepal Recruit? Learn NOW!!

Recruitment process is a tough task in itself.  There are lots of agencies to recruit manpower in foreign country for employment works. Different agencies may have different process in recruitment process. Unlike all such agencies, Landmark follows a strict procedure for recruiting Nepalese manpower. These steps and processes are simple but many people seem confused. So, we bring this explanation to you.

Here are points that shows How Do Manpower Agencies in Nepal Recruit workers for foreign clients.

  • Recruitment Process

    • Agencies in Nepal receive demand of manpower. Such demands come from partner foreign companies. You need to provide us with some documents because these documents make the recruitment process in Nepal official. They include:– Power of Attorney– Demand Letter– Agency Agreement– Employment Agreement– Guarantee Paper Visa copy/ No Objection Certification
    • Like other manpower agencies do, we also publish the demand in national newspapers. It is the first step in recruiting manpower for your hiring needs. This process is essential. This step is needed to create a pool of candidates.
    • Landmark and the representative of partner company work together. Together, we review the applications and shortlist promising applications. Unlike manpower agencies in Nepal, we do not wash off hands early. We stay till the end so that all parties come out happy.
    • We call shortlisted candidates for a preliminary interview. In this stage most manpower agencies in Nepal work alone but we like to work with partner company. The need of manpower is for companies. So, we invite company representatives. We together select the best candidates an process them.
    • The candidates then go through a full medical examination. No expenses are spared. We want to ensure that you get only best of the best manpower. We are ready to go an extra mile. So, this makes us best among large groups of agencies in Nepal.
    • The candidates then face the final interview and their visa is processed. After visa is secured, the candidates go through pre-departure sessions. The aim of such unique sessions is to make them prepared for culture shock. It is because of these extras we are the best among large number of recruitment agencies from Nepal.