Good News For Nepali Workers From Government Of Qatar

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Qatar has always been best destination for Nepalese workers. Good news for Nepali workers from Government of Qatar is that The Government of Qatar has changed the Labor Law On December 14. New formulation and implementation of Labor Laws has brought great relief to foreign workers.

  • In old laws, Workers in Qatar had fix Term contract and 5 years of Open Indeed contract, but Now, workers can search new jobs without Informing the company. During the Labor Contract Period, they have to ask for permission from working company.
  • Qatar Government only accepts visa for only selected work. Workers will get chance to stay in Qatar for 3 months if they are fired from the working company. If they do not get work within 3 months they should leave Qatar.
  • According to old Labor Laws, Workers had waited for 2 years again to go to Qatar for re-employment after they return to their home countries. But now workers are able to go for re-employment one day after they come back to their home. Not only this, Workers will get chance to check their labor contract living in their country.
  • In accordance with implementation of new law, Employee can change the company if they are able to prove that they are humiliated, sexual harassed as well as given injustice. The written paper proof from the Ministry of labor gives the Legal written paper justify that workers are able to change the recruiting company.
  • Workers can get Exit Permit informing the Company through the online or governmental offices. In this way, Exit permit will not be cancelled.
  • If the Company do not show interest in giving workers Exit Permit, Workers report to Exit Permit Giveners Committee. Committee will give Exit permit investigating that whether Workers is involved in Criminal activities or have any debt to pay. If Committee do not find any such cases, Committee will provide workers Exit Permit.

This Formulation and implementation of NEW LABOR LAW seems to be very beneficial for Nepali workers. This indicates that Qatar will be more attractive place for Workers and Manpower agencies in Nepal.

Manpower agencies in Nepal [landmark manpower solution] always update the foreign laws formulation in behalf of Nepali Workers.

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