Ebola virus and Nepali Workers

Ebola virus and Nepali workers: Nepal is in high risk with Ebola virus!

Ebola is uncured and widely spread disease. It started from African counties and threatening all world today.
It is not curable and take our life within few days to a month or more.Â
Ebola virus and Nepalese workers:Â
Though there are few percent of Nepalese are working in African countries, our government need to take immediate action to save their life. By taking in these countries with concern authorities, it is essential to transfer  Nepalese to safe countries or bring them back to Nepal from infected countries.Â

Nepal is in high risk with Ebola: Â Â
1. Despite Nepal government ban, there are some Nepalese are working in African countries. Most of them may want to return at this period and  they can carry Ebola virus  to Nepal.
2. Our army persons are on duty, with United Nations, to most of African countries, and they may carry it.Â
3. Our country  has  open boarder with India. Also Nepal is providing on arrival visas to all nationalities so anyone can travel Nepal from African countries with Ebola virus.Â
4. Nepal government is  not planning any steps to prevent it.